My New Favorite Search Tool: WhosTalkin?

ReadWriteWeb posted this morning about a new social media search tool, WhosTalkin. I just checked it out and can confirm that it has a very simple and smooth interface. Works like a charm. All you have to do is to plug in your key words and see who’s talking about the brand, product, service or issue on social media venues. The system even breaks it down by venue and organizes information into buckets such as Technorati, MySpace, Twitter mentions.

Neat tool for those on the run and need a quick read to see how they are faring in social media. Top uses for this product would be:

1- Ego searches
2- Top-level brand monitoring
3- Crisis management and monitoring
4- Key word generation (look to see how everyone else is talking about you)
5- Developing social media maps (look to see how far the word has gone)

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