Info-Currents October-November Issue: Niche Social Collector Sites, Attachable Lenses, Amazon Smartphone

Emerging trend: Digital clipping services such as Art Stack and Stash help users organize information to take actions offline. Art Stack users can connect with fellow art collectors and Stash users benefit from a list of events in their local area suited to their interests.
Implication: Customization is the secret ingredient that creates true engagement out of stacks, stashes (and pins).
Action: Take advantage of posting your branded content on these sites. Sponsor pages, brand-relevant stacks.
Emerging trend: Attachable lenses turn smartphones into formidable cameras. Sony paves the way with DSCQX10 and DSC-QX100.
Implication: Camera makers will want a piece of the smartphone market. With more people relying on their phones to take life event as well as everyday photos, Sony and competitors will shift to accessory development around phone-cameras.
Action: Photography pros may be compelled to enhance their phone cameras and experiment. Creative contests that focus on phones and showcasing smartphone photos map appeal to photography influencers.
Emerging trend: Amazon denies rumors that it’s about to release a free smartphone.
Implication: Smartphone stands for mobile commerce and location-based marketing. Amazon or other tablet makers may want to have as many conduits out there as possible.
Action: Optimize online properties (including social sites) for mobile. Explore options to shift ad dollars from other digital venues to mobile. 

For Amazon, it’s not about the device — it’s about content

Amazon announced that its Prime users will be able to borrow one e-book a month for free. Info-Currents November issue had highlighted this trend a day prior to the announcement, indicating tablet providers would feed deals to their loyalty clubs. 

Currently, there is no time limit on borrowing–but users can take advantage of the freebie offer one book at a time.

Amazon is paying a fee to publishers to buy titles.  Meanwhile, becoming an Amazon Prime customer costs $79/year. Sometimes, consumers buy Kindles to benefit from deals like this, thinking of possibilities of endless hours of fun.

Amazon will continue unveiling deals to hyper shoppers, making its Kindle series a service. Amazon is going beyond the device, as any smart entertainment company would do. 

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Amazon Starts Kindle Service Bundles


As I’m waiting for my Kindle Fire to arrive in the mail, I got my first cross-sell email from Amazon. No, it’s not for extended warranty. Amazon is offering music storage for $20/year in it’s cloud service. Pretty attractive offer, considering benefits: I can download to Kindle, Android, PC or Mac. 

I am expecting more offers and bundled services from Amazon in the next 3-6 months. 

No, Kindle Fire is not just $199. 

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