Mobile Transaction Success

There are many exciting developments in mobile space with beacons remembering consumer preferences, Apple watch and smart cars. However, two out of three attempted transactions on smartphones fail due to poor user experience!

Here are some tips on how companies can close the loop with customers across the decision journey by providing in-app support: Feel free to click on the link to webinar with ZineOne, featuring Nielsen insights.

Monetizing Mobile Moments: The Three Principles of In-App Support

I was honored to co-author the whitepaper Monetizing Mobile Moments: The Three Principles of In-App Support with Debjani Deb and Sona Sharma of ZineOne. The whitepaper delves into emerging trends such as mobile-first companies, chips that make our devices context-smart and the growing demand for in-app support from millennials. It underscores the need for companies to address mobile customer needs proactively, by being context aware and responding in real-time. You can download the paper here

Like Zynga, More Game Publishers Will Venture Outside of Facebook

With its vast and diverse audience, Facebook has become an incubation ground for game publishers and app developers. Those who can command millions of users on Facebook, have evidence that their business can survive beyond the social network.


What it means for marketers: Experiment with placing brands in games and apps that reach and engage sizable audiences. Add the following to game storylines and app functionalities:




          Links to owned media through animated logos


Brands can gauge the success of such initiatives by tracking:


          Coupon redemption

          Video views and sharing

          Conversion from user to site visitor



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Don’t Just Call It An App

Smart clients are pushing back on app ideas — they don’t want an app for app’s sake. Considering the sea of content competing for attention in social media, they are right. There are hundreds of thousands of apps being downloaded as we speak. What will make yours noticeable and compelling to use?

Think of an app like a web site or any other destination on the web your brand owns. You need to take care of it the same way: develop interesting content, make sure it fulfills a need, make sure it works without a glitch and promote it!

So, an app is not just a widget on your Facebook page’s corner to engage users. It is an extension of your brand and your service. Therefore it needs to be part of your marketing and communication plans. 

An app can collect data, keep users focused for minutes at a time and get them to return to your site and revisit your brand. Why not give it the push it deserves, so it can work hard for you? 

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