Mobile Transaction Success

There are many exciting developments in mobile space with beacons remembering consumer preferences, Apple watch and smart cars. However, two out of three attempted transactions on smartphones fail due to poor user experience!

Here are some tips on how companies can close the loop with customers across the decision journey by providing in-app support: Feel free to click on the link to webinar with ZineOne, featuring Nielsen insights.

Thoughts After Moving An Apartment: Kindle vs. Sony eReader

I just moved. And as a self-diagnosed bookworm who has been buying and KEEPING books since age 5, I am not feeling my back. My books are everywhere in the 100 unit apartment building. In the apartment, in the basement shelves, in the building’s storage… Sitting among piles and boxes, I entertained the notion of purchasing a Kindle. “Imagine, no more mess. Less Advil. Less dust,” I thought. Then I brushed the thought away as I really like the idea of holding a physical book, marking it up if I want to, sharing it with someone…

Fast forward to the phone call when I rang up my Sony credit card service to change my address. The customer service rep was very friendly. She knew her job. She was not reading off of a sheet to ask me how I was doing. Right before I hung up, she asked me if I were thinking of buying an eReader for the holidays. (My credit card offers points for Sony purchases.) I said yeah, maybe, no. She went on with a direct price comparison of Kindle vs the Sony product.

I must admit I was a bit surprised:

A) I didn’t expect a phone customer service rep to be so eloquent
B) I didn’t think anything Sony produced could cost less than a competitor’s

But apparently it is: eReader is coming under $200 this season. Something to consider while I continue to unpack…Kudos to Sony for having such a smooth operator!