Google as the Next Car Accessory: Upcoming Info-Currents

The February issue of futurist newsletter Info-Currents will hit the inboxes on February 11th. Topics will include

  • Google as a car accessory
  • Clutter consolidation services — a threat to email marketing
  • Personal brand builders (automated, of course) — opportunities for thought leaders and content marketers

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Info-Currents June Answers Critical Marketing Questions

Tomorrow morning, Info-Currents readers will find answers to the following questions in their inboxes:

1- How can my brand benefit from the surge of women’s interest in Pinterest?

2- Is email the solution to engage scattered, inactive social network users?

3- What can advertisers do, if consumers click on ‘do-not-track’ buttons?

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Info-Currents… May is the month of mobile

Emerging Trend #1: The latest Nielsen report on Hispanics’ use of mobile and social media shows that this population segment is significantly more likely than the rest of the population to use mobile devices and social media to connect and communicate. 

Implication: Digitally savvy Hispanic consumers serve as a proxy for proactive consumers who are open to brand communications and who will pay for content. eMarketer projects Hispanics to spend $500 million on mobile apps in 2012.

Action: To augment multi-cultural campaigns, invest in social media and hyper target through mobile. Hispanic users are 25% more likely to follow a brand than the rest of the population.  

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Online Ads Improve with Offline Cues — Info-Currents April Issue

Info-Currents April issue went out to subscribers at the beginning of the month. Here’s a sneak peek at the trends covered in April. If you would like to sign up for this monthly future social media trends newsletter, click here

Emerging Trend: Online/mobile advertising will improve with cues from offline data.

Implication: Location-based services will inform mobile and web-based services about users’ purchase intent. Consumers will get more relevant ads and coupons served to them on their mobile devices based on their physical paths.

Action: Watch retailers that integrate mobile payment systems such as Google Wallet and Square. Consider partnering with players digital marketing software companies such as Kenshoo and Proclivity Media. They will have the most detailed data on consumer decision journey.



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Info-Currents March Issue is Out

In this issue: Women taking over social media, Asia Pacific and Middle East reigning mobile video viewing, young adults join teens in dropping email. Sign up here. Sneak peek below.

Emerging Trend: Women are becoming the predominant audience in social media. Recent research by NM Incite and Nielsen had show that more than one-half of video viewers (53%), social networkers (54%) are women, now image sharing sites such as Pinterest are boasting largely female audiences. 

Implication: Women have transgressed from being family chronologists with cameras to active online consumers who indicate their ‘wants’ through vivid visuals.

Action: Retailers and manufacturers can boost catalog sales by setting up profile areas on image-sharing sites such as Pinterest and Fancy. These areas can directly communicate product details to primary shoppers. 

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For Amazon, it’s not about the device — it’s about content

Amazon announced that its Prime users will be able to borrow one e-book a month for free. Info-Currents November issue had highlighted this trend a day prior to the announcement, indicating tablet providers would feed deals to their loyalty clubs. 

Currently, there is no time limit on borrowing–but users can take advantage of the freebie offer one book at a time.

Amazon is paying a fee to publishers to buy titles.  Meanwhile, becoming an Amazon Prime customer costs $79/year. Sometimes, consumers buy Kindles to benefit from deals like this, thinking of possibilities of endless hours of fun.

Amazon will continue unveiling deals to hyper shoppers, making its Kindle series a service. Amazon is going beyond the device, as any smart entertainment company would do. 

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Info-Currents November Issue Coming Soon

The November issue of Info-Currents, my monthly social media newsletter is about to go out. Below is a snapshot from the previous issue. Each month, I delve into the implications of three emerging trends and provide readers with practical next steps. If you would like to subscribe to Info-Currents, please click here.

Info-Currents October 2011 Snapshot

Emerging trend: Consumer electronics buyers are as likely to consider online word of mouth as in-person conversations (29 percent, respectively), when making their purchasing decisions.* 

  •  Those relying on online buzz for their electronics purchases have been increasing steadily–from 24 percent five years ago.
  •  Video camera (44 percent), sound system (40 percent) and smart phone (38 percent) buyers have been most likely to rely on the word online.
  • Among sources of online buzz, reviews have been the most influential.

Implication: As the new holiday shopping season nears, online reviews will play a significant role in smart phone and video camera purchases.

Action: Brands need to watch their star ratings and gear for search engine optimization now. They need to activate their fan base to share and rate their experiences.


*Source: S. Radoff Associates, Large Purchase Study

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