Mobile Transaction Success

There are many exciting developments in mobile space with beacons remembering consumer preferences, Apple watch and smart cars. However, two out of three attempted transactions on smartphones fail due to poor user experience!

Here are some tips on how companies can close the loop with customers across the decision journey by providing in-app support: Feel free to click on the link to webinar with ZineOne, featuring Nielsen insights.

Info-Currents March Issue Online: New Norms — Dads As Caregivers, Loyal Customers in Social Media, Internet-only TV Households

Emerging trend: Coparenting is for couples who are together as well. As moms carry on with demanding jobs, dads increasingly take on child-rearing duties.

Implication: Opportunities to market to men expands into different facets of family life, going beyond typical CPG messaging on self-care and home improvement.

Action: Go beyond the classic assumption that women shop for men. Market to men in ways that acknowledge them as able and involved partners and parents. Note what family products and services they consider to be valuable and practical.


Emerging trend: Social data gets connected with post-purchase behavior.

Implication: Engagement is not the only outcome of a social media relationship. Facebook’s partnership with data companies Axciom, Epsilom and Datalogix, suggests marketers can now trace the social profile of a loyal buyer.

Action: Start your analyses with purchasers, instead of those who are just aware or considering. Buyers will reveal most about the role of social in purchasing decisions, as well as up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. 


Emerging trend:  Definition of TV households will include Internet-based and mobile viewing homes as well. Nielsen announced it will include Internet-connected TV viewers in its TV ratings sample households.          

Implication:  Advertisers will get a more comprehensive perspective on audience reach and the impact of ads and branded content on consumers.

Action: Look at the momentum generated by those households canceling cable subscriptions and watching on-demand, online only. Compare the impact of shared (i.e., family living room) and private (e.g., mobile) viewing experiences on brand recognition and likelihood to purchase.



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2012 Will Be The Year of TV+Social

Social media channels are multiplying TV reach through viewers’ Tweets, posts and messages.  As NM Incite and Nielsen research shows, there is a significant correlation between online buzz and TV ratings.


What it means for marketers:  2012 is poised to become the year of television with the Olympics and the US elections drawing millions to TV screens. Advertisers will find added value from social media users who will create and reverberate news through their personal profile areas. As the word will spread from TV to social media, online audiences will tune into programming they hear from their online contacts.


Action: Expand your definition of reach to go beyond traditional GRPs. When estimating TV news’ lifetime, account for social media mentions.


Note the flux of new audience members from mobile and computer screens to TV sets, as they find out about news and shows through social media.


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