Creative Trends According to shutterstock (1/30/2019)

The royalty-free image site shutterstock has done something really clever by combing through their site data and seeing what photos, videos and music visitors from around the world have been digging up on their site. The insights are depicted here┬áThere are some macro highlights: We are moving forward with everyday futurism, getting familiar with VR, AR, wearable tech. We are bringing retro to the future: neon and 80’s are fashionable again. Though global differences are most intriguing: Brazilians are into romantic images, Argentineans into fish, Turks into geometry.

A Female Super Hero from Anatolia: Puduhepa (10/4/2018)

Word of mouth marketing expert Renan Tan Tavukcuoglu started an amazing campaign to introduce a strong female figure to young girls, starting from Turkey spreading globally. This is the story of Puduhepa, a Hittite queen who lived in Anatolia 3,000 plus years ago. The project not only weaves a beautiful story, but the sales of the Puduhepa dolls and story book contribute towards young girls’ education.

Here’s Baris Ozcan’s great video with subtitles in English.

La Colmena’s Zapata Se Queda (8/20/2018)

Beautiful voices and percussion are intertwined in this song by the Argentinean all-female group La Colmena’s song. The mini groups diverge with slightly different tunes and beats and then converge. Amazing harmony.